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One week later........

  1. 3 I still need a nightlight to find the bathroom at night, but I'm getting around really well. I love how responsive it is now that you've finished the major migration and tweaking, and I really like the "my page" function. It's a great way to build a sense of inclusion and community and I don't care if I'm friend greedy. I like youse guys. That's why I hang out here.

    Thanks, Joe, Brian, Siri, Karen, and anyone else working behind the scenes to get this puppy house-broken.

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    Wow! A week ago today we were just logging on to what seemed to be a bad dream! For a couple of days I was LOST! Each day things got better. Glad I hung in and didn't give up! Thank you AN staff for listening to our feedback. I am a "happy camper" once more!!!
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    We all know that "all things must change, and we must change with them".....Not sure who said that, prob some old dead white guy BUT I just wanted to say THANKYOU for taking time out of your life to a) put together this wonderful, supportive site and b) for tweaking it when needed.
    Of course, once I got my new 'puter I was a wee bit dismayed to see that AN had been changed and it took me all of one hour to stop hyperventilating and see that the content is all there, it is just the format that has changed.
    Keep on breathin' and keep on truckin'
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    Yes, I say the same. I really feel that Brian and the staff have worked hard and continue to do so to make this into a home. I'm stretching out on the couch already...
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