old thread alert suggestion

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    do you think having an "old thread alert" would be helpful?

    another forum i read has this. if you are responding to a thread that has been inactive for a certain length of time (say 6 mos), a little pop-up occurs that says something like "the thread you are responding to is over 3 years old and has been inactive for 8 months. do you want to procede?"

    often, old threads are resurrected on purpose; sometimes, however, it seems as though the new poster doesn't realize how old the thread really is.

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    Nice idea....Will have Joe Admin mosey on over here.
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    This is a good idea. I have observed that some of our newer members will search the forums until they find a thread that pertains closely to their situation or current question, and type a response without having realized that the thread has been inactive since 1998. In addition, they often have a valid question for the original posters of these very old threads, without any awareness that the OPs have not posted in years.
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    I agree, this is a wonderful idea.
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    Good thought - also, the new related thread function pulls up stuff that hasn't had a response in years as well.
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    i think this is a vey good idea!!! needs to be done. I am a new member and realize that viewing the last 24-hour is the best so i dont post to a two year old post. This would be easier!
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    Good idea, but the person that resurrects an old thread often realizes that he/she is posting to a long-since inactive thread. It is usually the nine people that post after that who often don't realize it, but an "inactive thread alert" feature wouldn't be helpful at that point, because once someone posts to it, it would once again be an active thread, would it not?

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