'Nuther "how to" question

  1. 0 Is it possible to change what's under my avatar? I see some people with stuff other than "premium member" under theirs.
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    UserCP>Edit Profile. Go to Optional Information, then choose "Custom Title".
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    Thank you!
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    Since you brought this up, maybe someone can answer me this. Recently read old post where member had the word Banned instead of Hi Tazzi or Ol' Battle Axe under their name. A joke or are they really banned? I thought banned members' info just disappeared from the site altogether.
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    Outright spammers auto banned will have that under their name.
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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Outright spammers auto banned will have that under their name.

    You scared me!! I went straight to this post without realizing there was a question above it and I thought you were talking about my "Battle Axe".......thought I'd been banned or something! I know I been bad but I wuzzent that bad, honest!!!

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