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Nurses coping with ADD/ADHD forum?

  1. 0 Could we start a forum to address these issues? I think both nursing students and practicing nurses would actively participate to share coping/success strategies.
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    Don't know if enough interest in a forum for just this topic.... Suggest opening a thread in Psych forum or Nursing Career Advice to discuss topic and see interest level as first step.

    Good Luck...sure you will post some great info.
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    I would like to see this forum. I'm a student nurse, and I was just diagnosed with ADD today. I would sure like to know strategies for getting more organized. I've read thorugh some of the other forums, and found them interesting. From what I've seen, there are a lot of nurses, and nursing students out there with this problem.
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    As a fellow nurse and ADHD patient, I can sympathize, but I don't think it would work. I just can't see how we'd ever get enough material for an entire forum. ADHD coping strategies would be one great thread, but then I'm not sure where we go from there.

    Although ADHD can produce incredible frustration, imagine how bad someone would feel to surf in here hoping for great info, only to find our Nurses With ADHD forum quite bare. The way we have it currently, the nurse could use the Search function to find a previous thread related to ADHD.
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    Maybe to start you can get a sticky on the Health forum here:

    There are a lot of nurses dealing with various issues from depression, diabetes, hypertension, back problems, etc. etc. The above forum may be a good start. You may "advertise" in the general section with a post that says. "All nurses with ADD" and in the body of the post say "please follow this link to the Health forum.........." or something like that. Just a suggestion. I've found that while initially there may be a lot of gung ho interest in the topic it usually fads over time and is dominated by just a few.
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    I would love to see a thread on this, I'm struggling right now with my first quarter of nursing school I've been studying for literally 8 hour days just to get a grade of 1% over's really hard. Any students who've conquered school with ADHD, i'd love to hear how you did it!
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