No neuro nursing specialty?

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    I was just wondering, why is there no neuro forum under nursing specialties? I see there is one in critical care but not in the reg. nursing specialties. Thanks
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    Separate Neuro Unit rarely seen outside teaching hospitals so minimal request for info outside ICU level care reason for absence separate forum.....
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    Dear NRSKaren,

    I'm sorry, but that's not what I've been finding lately.

    As someone who has been job hunting for a few months, I have been researching many hospitals, and therefore am learning about many floors in hospitals. Almost every hospital I have looked into has a Neuro floor. As a matter of a fact, tomorrow afternoon I have a job interview with the Nurse Manager of a Med-Surg/Neuro floor! I have been finding that there are a lot of medical floors that specialise in Neuro pts. And these are not teaching hospitals.

    Since there is both a CCU forum in the critical care section AND a cardiac nursing forum in the standard section, wouldn't it make sense to have the same for neuro?
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    My hospital has two neuro-specialty wards, one for neurosurg and one that cares for neurological and stroke patients (different but cooperative units). Th neurosurg ward has a small HDU but the entire ward is neurosurg patients

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