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    how about the trials of being on nights? different world IMO.
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    Quote from heron
    Same here ... so whaddy'all wanna talk about?
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    convincing the cats that it really is ok to s-l-e-e-p all day and not play with them.

    shar pei mom
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    that the puppy REALLY does not need to go out at 12 if I just took her out at 10.
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    I agree also. I was wondering why we never had one
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    I would love a night shift forum! I will be working nights very soon and would appreciate tips and all the advice I can get.
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    i am all for it... come on Brian Please tiggertoosassy
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    Quote from caliotter3
    LOL! Or the lack thereof.....

    I woke up ay 2:30a, and was on my 2nd day off....

    Brian..... I agree..... a night shift forum, please?
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    After much discussion in the staff forum, the short answer is that we aren't going to have a separate night shift forum at the moment. But before you start throwing things, take a look at some of the reasoning behind our decision.

    Quite a few of us staff members currently work noc shift (I'm raising my hand here) or have done so in the past. We are more than a little aware of the issues night owls face and have all kinds of sympathy for our fellow denizens of the dark. That said, we didn't want to get into shift wars about who merits a forum and who doesn't. PM-shifters have their own trials and tribulations. Weekenders could cry a river over all the family times and fun they miss. And--here are the ones who get my vote for a really raw deal--the swing shift crew could really raise a ruckus.

    The thing is that just because we don't have a specific forum, that doesn't mean we can't create all kinds of threads and discuss our wee hours woes to our hearts' content. We certainly can do this--and have done it in the past--with great success.

    Another helpful option when starting a thread is to use tags, which are basically key words that others can search for when trying to find a specific topic, i.e., noc, night, third shift, sleep, etc. The more tags you add to your thread, the easier it should be for like-minded members to find it.

    Here is a link regarding tags:

    Feel free to continue to compare notes on what kinds of bedroom curtains to buy and how to handle friends and family members who insist on calling you at noon because, "You're just going to sleep all day anyway." We need to support each other and share the wealth of ideas for living well in our parallel universe.

    Besides, who else are you going to find online at three in the morning when it's your night off and you just can't stay asleep?

    Hope this makes sense.
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    no tantrums! i promise.

    shar pei mom
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