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  1. 0 I remember awhile back somebody posted a thread concerning the proliferation of student centered threads. Also, it was stated around the time that the site changed formats and the central site came about that there were other "sites" in the works. Would like to suggest that the next incarnation be a splitting off of the student forums. This would pare down the current site so that those whose interest is in issues of interest to practicing nurses can more easily navigate the site. Also, the students can have their very own area to congregate in and everyone can go from one to the other as they please.
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    Thanks for your comments...mod team has had similar ideas.

    Sine we are the #1 resource for students,aware their eager chatter and repetitive posts on same topic can crowd out general discussions. Our volunteers work quickly to move posts to best suited area.

    Continue to let us know how we can best serve our long term members.

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