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New Ranking System (replaces Post Count Stars)

  1. 9 If you miss the Post Count Stars don't sweat it. The same output is still available but in text format (no star image).

    Over the year we had some great feedback regarding the stars. We heard you loud and clear.

    Two big issues came up frequently:

    1. People had problems with the colors. They sometimes couldn't tell Bronze from Silver.
    2. The stars looked more like a rating of the content.

    For this reason, we dropped the Post Count Stars and replaced them with a new Ranking System. The ranking system is a representation of your post count status. It will help improve visibility of our outstanding members. It can be used to quickly and efficiently find the most active users on a topic. Members can use these ranks to stand out from the many members that we have.

    With the new ranking system we get the following...

    Before, we had the following stars and colors...

    The ranks are attached to the bottom of your avatar.

    The following ranks are available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each 'rank' will have 6 levels.
    For example, the 6 levels of Bronze...

    • Bronze: 0- 14 posts
    • Bronze 1: 15-49
    • Bronze 2: 50-199
    • Bronze 3: 200-399
    • Bronze 4: 400-699
    • Bronze 5: 700-999

    Silver 1000-9999 posts (6 levels)
    Gold 10000-29999 posts (6 levels)
    Platinum >= 30000 posts (0 levels)
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    Thanks for the explanation! One comment though. When I finish reading a post, I have to scroll back up to like it. The new way is better but it would be easier to us if it were at the bottom of the post.
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    The KISS principle..........
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    I see some people have the designation "Admin", which easy to figure out, but others have the designation of "Guide". What is this?
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    Quote from exp626
    I see some people have the designation "Admin", which easy to figure out, but others have the designation of "Guide". What is this?
    A guide is another appointed status by the admin and are volunteers as well.

    They help mentor in the forums...welcome new members....monitor the forums. The are well respected members in the community.
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    Here's a breakdown of membership...
    Compare Membership
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