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New in town...

  1. 0 Hello all -

    Joined a while back but only recently started reading the site tonight. very informative! Kept me up way too late.

    I have a BSN/RN and also UG and grad degrees in biology. I went through an accelerated BSN program and got my RN in 2004. Went to work and got about 8 months of med-surg experience at a major academic med center under my belt before being derailed by a nasty foot/ankle ailment that required surgery and protracted recovery time off my feet. Left the floor and have been out of nursing about 15 months. The good news is that I'm fully healthy and ready to roll. Bad news is that I feel rusty and have concerns about getting decent job offers. I'd prefer to avoid doing a re-entry course except as a last resort; I haven't been out that long! Still, will I be seen as damaged goods?

    Any pointers on how to get into something besides med-surg? I know that's where there are always openings, but I also know that most m-surg people run all day - and night - long.

    Also looking for pointers from anyone in the western Chicago suburbs, about good organizations, hospitals, etc.

    Lastly, I'm interested in OR nursing. Anyone have any good ideas about breaking into it? I am mystified why schools of nursing don't teach this essential subject! Can one get a external certification of some sort - on one's own initiative - to enhance the chances of getting picked up for OR and periop RN duty?

    Thanks for any and all input -
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