Need information on RN pre-employment drug screen

  1. 0 I recently got hired on for an RN position and was told that I would need to take a drug test in 3 days. I am a chronic user but I only smoke at night right before bed to help me sleep. I know that 3 days is not long enough for the THC metabolites to exit my system so I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what I should do.

    1. Yes I know I should quit but that is not a priority for this test since it's already in my system : (
    2. I have synthetic urine but I am unsure as to if they will be able to detect that I am using fake urine
    3. I have an 8 hour mask that my friends have used multiple times but I am unsure as to if they will be able to detect the mask

    Can anyone help me out! I realize its an ethical issue here and I was planning on quitting once I graduated from school but did not expect to get hired before I graduated (circumstantial in terms of passing NCLEX)
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    Good Luck! Whenever I've had to go for drug testing someone waits outside the door
    You r not allowed to take anything with you, you are not allowed to flush or wash your
    Hands until you hand them your specimen! They measure the urine temp right away! I
    Have also had a few strands of hair cut off from different areas of my head!
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    We cannot advise you about how to circumvent the testing process.

    Thread closed.

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