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    Ok so I don't know about the rest of you but I have a blackberry. So I'm able to go on the AN site through my phone but its still the regular website and can sometimes take for ever to load!!! So thiss is my way of saying I think the should implement some type of either mobile phone app or mobile friendly website, because 97% of the time I'm on AN on the phone! What do you guys think?

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    Our goal is to have a mobile friendly style and a "phone app" by the end of this year

    1) new (faster) design/layout (beta testing started in August
    2) mobile friendly style
    3) mobile apps
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    Is there an all nurses app for the iphone? If not do you think anyone will take it upon themselves to make one?
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    I don't know how.. but I'm waiting eagerly...
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    It is in the pipeline but we do not currently have an app.
    I too am looking forward to it myself!
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    That will be really great, I love this website, there is such a wealth of information on this site.
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    An app would be cool, but I actually think the site works really well on my mobile phone as it is. So if an app were created, I'd like to see it take out some of the extra info on the pages (ads, the nursing news and article linkes, etc) so it shows just the current threads and presents them in a readable format. Like I said, though, it's pretty easy to use my iPhone to browse anyway.
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    I have no idea if this has been brought up before but, is there an allnurses iphone app?

    It would be awesome. I am always on this website, the end.

    : p
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    the mobile style will be available in 1-3 months - this will be our main focus starting in February
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