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I just wanted to run this up the flagpole and see what response i got. How many of you on here believe that this site should be limited to only licensed nurses? No patients,no wanna be nurses and no... Read More

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    Quote from grownuprosie
    I appreciate the info you provided.**Your neutrality is appreciated as well! ** It helps put the discussion into context. I was adding the length of the OP's membership as another refference point. I can understand a long time member watching the site morph into what it is and being frustrated at the population that it now serves. But alas, i am not the owner of this site nor an admin so i have no control over it either way.
    You may not have control, none of us run of the mill members do, but you do have your say. The owner listens to us.
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    I would support a subforum for licensed nurses.
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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    I would support a subforum for licensed nurses.
    But the site is supposed to be for nurses, hence the name "allnurses".
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    Quote from caliotter3
    But the site is supposed to be for nurses, hence the name "allnurses".
    "allnurses" are not MAs, patients, laypeople with questions/gripes about nurses or hospital care, etc. Students and pre-nursing students are not nurses. I would support a forum for licensed nurses only.
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    At this point the name allnurses is more of a moniker than a claim of exclusivity. (i.e. Banana "bread" is really cake; Ginger "bread" is really cookies)
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    I also support keeping the site the way it is, with the exception that I would encourage more pictures of puppies and kittens and other critters.
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    Quote from grownuprosie
    At this point the name allnurses is more of a moniker than a claim of exclusivity. (i.e. Banana "bread" is really cake; Ginger "bread" is really cookies)
    What a delicious analogy!
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    Yes and NO. I believe this site should be open to nurses and students.

    I believe there should be a "VENT" forum where students should be prohibited.

    Students can ask questions about nursing but prohibited from reading vent threads.

    Just my two cents.
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    No, it should stay the way it is. was there when I started nursing school in 2005, continued on when I took my NCLEX and now it's with me on my second career as a nurse. There are other nursing sites focused on just "Nurses", but it's nothing compared to this site. I wouldn't know where to turn if it weren't for allnurses. One thing I would like to suggest is for this website to state in big bold letters the terms of service. I see a lot of people who register, write a long list of symptoms only to be told that we cannot give medical advice. But then again, most of them don't read the terms of service including myself.
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Nursing is my second career - I went back to school in my late 30's. Became a nurse at 40.

    I had NO idea what nurses did. I had NO idea there was a difference between LVN's and RN's and had never heard of LPN's. I didn't know how nurses got their education. I was surprised at how many different ways there were to become a nurse. I was also surprised at the politics involved in nursing.

    The BSN vs. ADN debate was foreign to me.

    Those of us who have been here awhile and are more informed about all this simply must bypass those threads if they bug you.

    I don't look at any NCLEX threads anymore. Sometimes I venture into BSN vs. ADN stuff as I just got my BSN a couple of years ago.

    Allnurses needs to be a place were newbies can come and ask the same questions that I asked way back when. I'm sure my questions then made some folks roll their eyes and say "not again". But, how will people learn about nursing if they can't ask the fundamental beginning questions about nursing?

    It's the same for every profession - people come in not knowing much and there are many folks here on AN who enjoy teaching. I do so miss Daytonite.

    Just bypass those threads you are not interested in.
    Maybe people need to complete a tutorial on how to use the super easy search feature before they're allowed to post.
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