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I just wanted to run this up the flagpole and see what response i got. How many of you on here believe that this site should be limited to only licensed nurses? No patients,no wanna be nurses and no nursing students. Should these... Read More

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    I agree with many that I used this site while in Nsg school and even now to post questions and get feed back. We do for the most part offer a lot of support for each other and do have a place..(for the most part) where we can come and vent. What I am SICK AND TIRED OF, and unfortunatly it will continue I am sure, is the pt's that have not a clue what it is like to be a RN in the ER day in and day out that post about how awful and heartless we are because blah blah blah. Get a life and get off our NURSING site. Don't for a minute judge us until you are a NURSE and have an idea what it is like.
    Ok. I feel better.
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    I'm sure that the only thing that would change is a lot of unlicensed, wanna-be, student nurses, etc would sign up anyway. Then we would have unlicensed being anonymously pretending to be licensed. Who wants that?

    At one time, Facebook was supposed to be limited to college students. Now look at it.
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    There are really only 2 type of posts that really grind my gears here, TROLLS (who post one really ignorant thread just to get people heated, or make up some really ridiculous story that makes no sense at all, I guess to seek attention). And the other post that really annoys me are homework questions in which the question is asked with a "thank you very much" and no evidence that any work has been done. I mean the internet is a easy research tool, imagine when I had to do research when Encyclopedias were considered the best form of info. Im like geez! reading and researching is the best way to learn, expecting someone to feed you answers that you couldnt find in 15mins is lame.

    haha! despite that, the TROLLS can't be stopped prematurely (and TROLLS roll around on all sites like Yahoo Answers, Twitter, etc....) so we can't expect people who come with honest intentions not to view/participate in this site. I mean really, people could illegally pretend to be a nurse to come here if that were to happen. Sooo... the great thing about this site is the different areas in which people can post, and the staff does a really great job of closing posts that are inappropriate.
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    totally disagree..i was a wanna be nurse, i am enrolled in nursing school and now im just waiting to start. This site has helped me a tremendous amount with deciding what specific field of nursing i wanted to do.
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    OP: form of 'indifference?' I see your point but I disagree. I am a nursing student and I know what topics I can relate to and what topics I cannot so it's more a matter of people should be more selective in what topics they can actively participate in...

    Nonetheless, I have read many topics posted by a licensed RN and have learned by reading the responses, but allnurses should not be restricted.

    That would be like Facebook saying its site is only for men. (Sounds as silly as this site being for licensed rn only)

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    How, exactly, would they police that? Make us put in our license numbers? Come on, this is the Internet.
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    And once we've driven out the students and the wanna-bes, the next to go are those unemployed new grads... and those who work in lowly homecare or LTC jobs... or those who have less than X years experience... and those who haven't worked in high powered ER or ICU jobs... or the retired nurses... may I go on?
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    I think nursing students, CNA's, future nursing students, etc. belong. I think this is a great place for them to get support, and to see if nursing is really what they want. It is nice for them to see the real challenges, and to see if the debt of school is worth it to them. It is nice for them to see nursing through a window, I guess. I guess I don't like seeing patients or "my brothers ex-wife sister was a nurse at one time so I know what I am talking about" posters, but otherwise, eh, let em' all be!
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    Quote from wwfd
    I just wanted to run this up the flagpole and see what response i got. How many of you on here believe that this site should be limited to only licensed nurses? No patients,no wanna be nurses and no nursing students. Should these be truly a site where nurses can come and vent with no fear of being scolded for being "mean" or "burned out". Would it make this a better site?
    I absolutely believe this. I resent venting over something and having a lay person scold me. I think there should be a separate section for students, potential students. I also don't think this a site for MAs, RTs, OTs, other professionals. I think this site should be what it is: "allnurses."
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    A couple of things....

    1) Without, perhaps, demanding license numbers upon registration to the site, enforcing something like this would be pretty impossible.

    2) "Vent" threads....These are a funny thing. I don't get these people who cry, "I'm just venting!!! Leave me alooooooooooooooooone!!" Dude, you're on a public forum. Your "vent" will come up in a Google search and millions upon millions of people will have free, unrestricted access to your "vent". If you are so disinterested in opposition, perhaps it would be wise to consider a change of venue. THAT'S common sense.

    What is especially perplexing to me is these folks who have been posting to AN for years and years, who have amassed thousands of posts, and STILL get all bent out of shape when some newbie jumps in and offers an opinion that doesn't resemble what they want to hear. What is also perplexing is often, these are the very same people who will tell a new, "venting" poster, "When you post to a public website, expect to be told things you don't want to hear."

    I just chalk it up to emotional immaturity and move on to something more interesting.

    "Venting" on this site is obviously just a platform for some senior members to be nasty. You can't tell me that for as long as you've been on this website, that you don't EXPECT the newbies to come in and give their opinions. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    This is why you have never and will never see me post a "vent" thread on this or any website.
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