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I just wanted to run this up the flagpole and see what response i got. How many of you on here believe that this site should be limited to only licensed nurses? No patients,no wanna be nurses and no... Read More

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    Quote from SpEdtacular
    The OP is asking if people think non nurses should be banned and whether doing so would make the site better. She isn't saying this site should only be for nurses shouldn't it? That's how you're reading it. She's looking for opinions. This was your chance to point out the positive aspects of the site's dynamic membership and convince her that having non nurses is good by stating why you feel the way you feel.
    Quote from JacobK
    I know this site was indispensable not only for getting a feeling about nursing and what the job entails but also helping me get into a program.

    Brian, the site's creator, was a student nurse when he started the forum.

    Quote from SpEdtacular
    Instead you're taking it as a personal affront and becoming defensive as if her intention was to have you banned while others' sarcastic and juvenile responses are reinforcing the idea maybe it would be better without them.
    What exactly should I believe the intention of a thread titled "Licensed Nurses Only" and the phrase "No patients,no wanna be nurses and no nursing students."?

    Somehow I get the feeling she doesn't want them around...

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    It's interesting that you are so stuck on the interpretation of the OP's post when you also characterize the responses in this thread as sarcastic and juvenile. A few were, but most were simply disagreeing opinions. It seems to me that the only thing that's been reinforced by the thread is that most people don't want the site to be for licensed nurses only. A few wouldn't mind a closed forum with the rest of the site as is. A few people agreed with the OP. A few people took personal offense, and a few posters posted out the irony of wanting to police the site membership as an APPARENTLY new member.

    Overall, the OP got what she wanted: opinions. And differing opinions is not the same thing as flaming, attacking, bashing, or being defensive.
    I was not characterizing ALL of the posts that way and In fact I pointed out to the OP that MOST PEOPLE took her question at face value and gave an opinion but a FEW people took it personally.

    I started here as a student too. I think the site should stay the same and who knows maybe some of the opinions expressed changed the OP's mind. Stranger things have happened. Lighten up.
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    Quote from SpEdtacular
    But it's still an assumption.
    Most things are. I don't know anyone who reads minds with any real accuracy or consistency so all most people have to go on is the impression others give.

    The OP can back-peddle as much as she likes, but her message is clear.
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    I am one of the few who took it personally, then handled it wrong.

    When I first read the OP I was hurt. Then as some more replies were written both by people who agreed and disagreed, I went from hurt to just plain feeling marginalized. Good (licensed professionals) vs Bad (patients, students, and wanna be students)

    Do I think anyone was intentionally out to make the patients, students, and wanna be students feel marginalized? No, but it is how I perceived it at the time.

    In some ways it brings up the picture of high school. The in crowd and the out crowd or the smart kids and the not so smart. Surely you can think of other examples. What is often missed is that there are times when the out crowd and not so smart can actually teach the in crowd and smart kids. Not by book or professional smarts but by life stories (most of them not even medical). Everyone has them. No one has ever walked the same path as someone else. Everyone is unique and has their own personality and life experiences to bring to the table.

    It isn't just this threat that has done it, there is another thread that started well meaning it is starting to go down a slippery slope towards belittling and demeaning a group of people.

    I don't say any of this to stir the pot or bring on flames. I am just sharing how I felt/feel.
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    All of this back and forth stuff is interesting but moot. The site is open to anyone who wants to come here for several reasons.

    1. Brian, the founder of this site, wants it to be welcoming to anyone who wishes to come here and is willing to follow the TOS.

    2. AN has helped many on their way to becoming nurses. The fact that they could participate allowed them to ask their questions and connect with those who were further down the path. Taking this valuable access away would be a tremendous loss to the individuals considering a career in nursing and to the profession, as well.

    3. It would be a logistical nightmare trying to ascertain and verify credentials. What's to stop a person from "borrowing" the name and license # of a total stranger? How would we manage to keep current as people renew (or don't renew) their licenses? Managing a reasonably accurate system would require a ton of work, and for what? To keep people away? That's not the goal.

    4. Even if there were such a system in place, there is no guarantee that licensed nurses would give each other the respect we all want and are due. There's always someone ready to pick a fight over who is more worthy and who is more "nursey." It's human nature that allows ugliness to come in and cause problems in a thread, not the presence or absence of a license.

    The best method we have for dealing with troublemakers is for members to report posts they find objectionable. Then staff can take a look and decide what action, if any, needs to take place.
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    Quote from SpEdtacular
    Lighten up.
    LOL, likewise.
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    I think everyone should be welcome
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    I started here as a student. This site has been a tremendous help to me throughout nursing school and for passing my NCLEX. It is a great resource for nursing students, therefore I don't think "nurse wannabes" should be banned.
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