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I just wanted to run this up the flagpole and see what response i got. How many of you on here believe that this site should be limited to only licensed nurses? No patients,no wanna be nurses and no... Read More

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    Quote from Reno1978
    Not only should it be licensed nurses only, it should only be RNs. Yes, let's exclude the LPNs & LVNs. In fact, it should only be RNs educated with a BSN or higher, because those Diploma and ADN grads have no idea what they're talking about half the time anyways.

    Give me a break - it's this type segregation that cause rifts within our profession in real life. Let's not bring that to a message board on the internet.

    [If you're mad after reading this, re-read with with a HEAVY helping of sarcasm and try to find it humorous, as that was my intent.]
    this post hits the nail on the head.

    allowing a specific occupational group to differentiate themselves from those they interact with will generally not bring positive result. look at the police forums and you will see this. an "us vs them" mentality is created that reduces compassion and social responsibility by creating the illusion that there are good guys (cops and nurses) and bad guys (criminals and patients). if you follow this thinking to an extreme you see an increased tolerance for cruelty (nuremberg syndrome) that is based on a divided (rather than shared) identity.

    in an ideal world, all humanity would have shared identity, and thereby compassion. desmond morris teaches us that we are not by nature designed to function in such a superculture of shared identity, and that we, as animals, are more comfortable functioning at a tribal level. anything more than that requires an adaptation of design that must be learned. it is time for us to learn.
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    Quote from Fribblet
    Maybe people need to complete a tutorial on how to use the super easy search feature before they're allowed to post.

    At the very least they could add to the list of available smileys. For the uninitiated RTFM= Read the (blanking) Manual. Although that may be too hardcore for this site.
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    Quote from nursemike
    I also support keeping the site the way it is, with the exception that I would encourage more pictures of puppies and kittens and other critters.

    I couldn't resist. This thread needed another cute picture to cool things down a bit. I'm sorry it's off topic.. carry on, guys.
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    And for the fans of dogs.

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    I have been frequenting this site for nearly 8 years. When it became prominently listed in common search engines such as Google ... the influx of non-nurses was noticeable. And the overall tone of the postings subtly changed along with it.
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    Haha. that sounds funny to me.
    How are you going to know they are licensed or not? Are you planning to take their licence #, or check to see their name on BON or something before they log in?
    This should stay as it is. There is a reason why there are subcategories like pre-nursing students, nurses, etc, right?.
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    There are subforums for Nursing Students, Pre Nursing students etc. etc. Running a site like this is extremely costly and is a lot of work. To add a whole other site for Students I don't think would be worth it, especially when there are already sections available.

    It seems majority of students post in the student sections. I have seen a lot of licensed nurses post in the vent threads disagreeing. There is usually a few "seasoned" nurses that will pipe in to tell them why their opinion isn't valid either.

    It isn't only students that don't agree with some things. A lot of "wait until you are working" always gets said, but I have met a lot of nurses that have worked for 20+ years and pull us aside and say, if you ever start getting like Nurse X, GET OUT. Some nurses are burnt out and maybe should reflect on their career. it's not good for the patients and it's not only "non licensed nurses" that notice this.

    There are many nurses that go and post in the student sections. A lot of it is positive and helpful, some times though the student is just wanting to vent and the nurse will come in and scold them. It works both ways.

    If a post is blatantly in the wrong forum, Report It so we can take care of it. If you can tell from the title that it is another "non licensed nurse" posting an annoying thread, skip over it.

    At the end of the day you will always have to deal with people you don' want to deal with. The internet is not any different. Getting your official license doesn't all of a sudden open up some secret vault of profound knowledge and common sense. It would be beneficial for some people to realize that just because someones opinion differs from yours, it doesn't mean they are wrong, or lack knowledge or common sense and so on.

    If you want a little more exclusivity, pay for an upgraded membership so you can have access to the private forums. But something can be learned from everyone, whether it's good or bad. At the end of the day, these wanna be nurses, or students nurses, very well might be the ones taking care of you in the future.
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    Quote from wwfd
    Okay since I started this topic i guess i can go off topic, it may be petty but being the "family nurse" is not the same as being a RN. Statements like that demean and belittle my profession and my many years of education and training.
    blast away
    In no way was my intent to demean or belittle the profession of nursing nor the years and cost of your education and training. It is hard work. What my intent was that there are different types of nursing(v) besides just the professional(n). Nor was it to sound cocky. My apologies that it appeared that way.
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    We can all learn to be respectful. I think that's the key. I found this site about 2 months before I officially graduated. As a result, I made a good friend, AND landed my first nursing job before I wrote the CRNE. I am very grateful to my friend, and this site. I really enjoy my who knows what the course of events might have been if not for AN, and the ability to post here before I actually had my license.
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    Gotta love someone who has only been on this site since April and only 20 posts saying we should close the site to a large portion of the users.

    I know this site was indispensable not only for getting a feeling about nursing and what the job entails but also helping me get into a program.

    Brian, the site's creator, was a student nurse when he started the forum.

    I'm also a little disheartened by how many posters are saying that Nursing Students and "wannabes" should be banned.

    As for having "Vent" posts interrupted, it seems to me that too often "Vent" posts are simply a user bashing on one type of license/degree/age-group/patient-type, and then using "this is just a vent post" to defend against all criticism.
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