Let me try this again, where can I find a list of all of my liked comments? | allnurses

Let me try this again, where can I find a list of all of my liked comments?

  1. 0 Maybe no one understood my question so I will rephrase. When you click on members profile, you will see the "blog" tab, "about me" tab and the "activity" tab. Under the activity tab, you will see "topics", "comments", "likes" and "liked", which is what I am looking for. However when I click on my own profile, all I have is an "about me" tab. How can I locate the "activity" tab to see my "likes" since I liked comments that I would like to refer to instead of bookmarking a really long forum and having so search for a comment? Again, any help is appreciated.
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    I do not see any posts under your name and that could explain it because it is not showing activity which is where I see the option for likes or liked
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    Would this not count as a post? And thank you for responding.
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    Not in this forum, I find nothing wrong with bookmarks and use them more than likes. Is there any reason why you don't use bookmarks? you can delete the ones you don't want or have finished with at any time
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    Oh, ok. Thank you. I do use bookmarks. I use likes when I see a comment that a member has made that I may find as valuable information however it may be a comment made in a really long thread. So instead of bookmarking the thread or forum and searching for the comment I really liked for references I figured I could just like the comment alone and have a list of liked comments to refer back to.
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    Go to Account > Dashboard > My Profile > Activity : will see to right Topics, Comments, Likes and Liked
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    You have to have activity in the forums to get the activity button....then you can follow your likes
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    Got it Thanks a bunch!!!