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  1. 0 I cannot find the Last 24 Hours feature. I found this very useful on the old AN because often I would like to return to a thread that doesn't have any new, unread posts. What's New tells me that. Can anybody tell me where this is now?
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    tntrn has '34' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'L & D; Postpartum'. From 'Washington'; 66 Years Old; Joined Nov '99; Posts: 8,720; Likes: 11,315.

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    Last 24 hours is no longer available.
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    Unfortunately, the 24 hours feature was what I used too. I do not like that if I post in a thread, it disappears from the lineup. Very inconvenient.
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    Why was that decision made
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    Sorry but the Last 24 hours will not be coming back...
    the What's New list all posts from the last 24 hours plus some
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