1. 2 What the heck are those? I'm new here and I've come to like this website. Everyone here seems very knowledgeable and helpful to all my questions. I want to thank everyone...
    Now what are Kudos? some kind of compliment? is it a message I cant seem to find?
    Okay don't think I'm dumb guys.
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    You read someones post and say "Wow thanks for saying that" IT's a way of thanking them for posting!
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    ku-dos (kdz, -ds, -ds, ky-) key


    acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. [font=arial,sans-serif]etymology:
    greek kdos, magical glory
    [font=arial,sans-serif]usage note:
    kudos is one of those words like congeries that look like plurals but are etymologically singular. acknowledging the greek history of the term requires kudos is (not are) due her for her brilliant work on the score. but kudos has often been treated as a plural, especially in the popular press, as in she received many kudos for her work. this plural use has given rise to the singular form kudo. these innovations follow the pattern whereby the english words pea and cherry were shortened from nouns ending in an (s) sound (english pease and french cerise), that were mistakenly thought to be plural. the singular kudo remains far less common than the plural use; both are often viewed as incorrect in more formal contexts.-it is worth noting that even people who are careful to treat kudos only as a singular often pronounce it as if it were a plural. etymology would require that the final consonant be pronounced as a voiceless (s), as we do in pathos, another word derived from greek, rather than as a voiced (z).
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    yep, Kudo's are difinitely better than cooties! and we can all use a little kudos from time to time!
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