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    Quote from frustratednurse
    How can we view if someone gave Kudos and to what thread it was given? Thanks!
    Click on the Users Name.
    Under their name, some options should appear. Click the blue circle
    You will be taken to a new page.
    On the right side of the page is a box that says "Mini-Statisics" Click on the "More Statistics" option
    You will be taken to a new page. About halfway down that page, click on the "Find all posts praised by _______" option.

    There ya go!
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    It's started reloading the whole page on me again when I give kudos. New bug? Old bug reinfesting? Just my bad luck?
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    clear your cache
    sirI, wooh, and
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    Cleared in every possible way to clear it. And when I kudosed you, it refreshed.
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    What happens when you use another browser?
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    Thanks Joe, only have Explorer on my laptop (which is what I primarily use.) Problem seems to have started with a recent update, and now that I forced another update, seems to have fixed itself. Very weird.... Thanks for the help!
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    Joe found the Kudos/refresh issues and now resolved.

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