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Is there a way to ignore certain forums?

  1. 0 This has been done on another community I visit that uses vBulletin.

    On that site, in the user Control Panel, you can select forums that you don't want to see when you click on "new posts".

    If that's possible here, I'd really love it. That way I could read all the thread topics that got posted in the specialty forums without having to also sift through introductions and student posts, etc. The way it is now, if I visit the site once a day, I get 20 pages of results when I click on new posts!
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    go into your speciality forum.
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    Quote from danissa
    go into your speciality forum.
    Well, yeah. I know that.

    What I want is to be able to click on "new posts" and see all the threads that have been posted in each of the nursing forums, and not see the introductions and students talking about school.

    As I said, another board I go to does this.

    I don't work in say, nephrology or dialysis - but I still find some of those topics interesting. If someone posts something in there that may be interesting, as things are now, I might miss it. There are so many forums, looking into each one individually takes so long and is very tedious!

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