Is the break room a separate registration?

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    I've not really gone over there until today, but noticed I wasn't logged in when I clicked on that section. I tried to login and realized that didn't work so I am guessing it is a separate registration, but wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing first.

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    No - not a separate registration. You might want to log completely out, clear your cache and cookies and log back in - let us know if that doesn't do it.
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    I fixed it. I did have to relogin there, but I think I typed my username in wrong the first time. I had to login separately in both places for it to work, but it's all fixed now. Thanks. Glad I asked instead of registering a second account.
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    I'm at a work computer and logged on to AN and then had to log on to the break room again. Usually even at work I don't have to do that. No biggie.
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