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Any specific date for the AN iPhone app yet? You know, so I can spend less time on here.... Read More

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    Really? Is it free?

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    Quote from BeachBedhead
    Really? Is it free?
    It's $2.99 on iPhone. The format is much easier to read, but I read in a previous post that they were going to have the AN app by August. I was hoping a staff member would let us know. Hint hint...
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    Quote from df77
    Ooohhhhh. How do I use tapatalk??? Am I understanding it right that I can hear the posts with that? That would be so awesome!
    You can't hear anything, but the format is much nicer and easier to read. No "kudos" though.
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    hmm I might just wait for the app. I basically have an internet window up with this site bookmarked. so its not bad. I just hate the touch text. ugh its annoying.
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    our goal is to have a mobile friendly style and a "phone app" by the end of this year

    1) new (faster) design/layout (beta testing starts next month)
    2) mobile friendly style
    3) mobile apps
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    Thanks Joe!
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    How did those of you that got Tapatalk working get it working? I've searched and browsed and can't find AllNurses of Tapatalk. I've asked about this in the past and was basically told that admin was against enabling Tapatalk for the forum. Please advise on how to get it working. I'd love to read AllNurses via Tapatalk!

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