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The screenshot below is the Content Navigation bar. It's found throughout the site. It's a great way to filter topics by content type. The idea behind the Content Bar is to improve user experience.... Read More

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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    I have the same issue on the iPad (absolutely hate the app since it doesn't allow access to breakroom content/likes/etc) but not on my computer.
    I access through Safari, not the app, and it is still a problem. Not at home for a few weeks, so I don't know how the new thing will do on my desktop.
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    Quote from chare
    This information is not viewable to me. The number of readers online and members is visible in some of the pages, however noe of the information below that is.

    Also, I am still unable to remove the following from from my profile page:
    Go to account, there is a drop down box to edit birthdate, settings etc. Pick that, then fill in the about me slot with what ever you want to say and it'll replace that preset one. I simply put "Hello", and that's now all you see on mine.
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    Emergent.....I, too, am from Seahawks country!
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    Quote from tntrn
    Emergent.....I, too, am from Seahawks country!
    Go Hawks! We sure do love Russell Wilson!!!!
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    We are still working on the mobile app so viewing from mobile devices are not the same right now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue to post here difficulties you are experiencing.
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    That's what I meant- don't like the app so use Safari instead. Using Safari on my laptop is fine, it's just the iPad that's missing the information.
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    Quote from chare
    I followed the link that you provided and am unable to find any option that allows me to remove this.

    Also, why are we not able to leave fields blank in the "About Me" section. In particular I have tried to leave the City, State, Country; Sex; and Highest Education fields blank.
    For my "introduction" and all information that was previously filled out that I now want blank, I put a single period in the field and it accepted that input. Tried just a space so that it would be blank but that did not work.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that there is no way to revert that information back to nothing. Since it is blank before you fill it out, there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to revert it back to default/blank.

    It is also bizarre that to "like" a post, you click on the smiley face at the top right of the post, but to "unlike" it you find the link at the bottom right (where it used to be). If Reply and Quote remained in the same location, why did Like have to move? And if you're going for cutesy and want to use a smiley face for liking something, then why not go all the way and use a frowny face to unlike it. Bouncing to all four corners of a post to find information and ways to interact with the site is NOT user-friendly.
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    if I could "like" your post more than once, I would. changing things around, getting, as you say cutsey. is just unbecoming a supposed professional site.
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    Quote from morte
    if I could "like" your post more than once, I would. changing things around, getting, as you say cutsey. is just unbecoming a supposed professional site.
    Too much emphasis on "young", way too "young".
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    Quote from workingharder
    As long as we're at it, can I get rid of the f,g+, twitter doohickies that obliterate what I'm trying to see on the right of the page?
    Just posting this again because I REALLY want to get rid of those.
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    City, State, Country; Sex; and Highest Education settings issue fixed.

    I'm adding a few options for Mark All Read, Last 24 Hours, Social Networking (floating near sidebar) buttons, and a Breakroom link. However, this won't be done until next week. (Wednesday the latest) Thank you for your patience.
    Last edit by Joe V on Jan 2, '14
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    Another issue with the Like moving to the top right -- long posts. No longer is it a simple click to "like" something after reading an essay or long post, now you have to scroll up to do so. This may seem like a tiny thing, but if you're going for improved "user experience" then that is a step backward. You are now requiring users to take extra steps - scroll up, click "like," scroll down to continue to next post or reply - than before. Great if you want to phase out the use of likes! Otherwise pointless.
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    Yesterday the box to the right with my screen name, likes, etc and the cute little icons for last 24 etc. disappeared when I visit the Break Room. About the same time, non of the posts in the BR are if none of them are new.

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