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The screenshot below is the Content Navigation bar. It's found throughout the site. It's a great way to filter topics by content type. The idea behind the Content Bar is to improve user experience. We wanted to make it easy for... Read More

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    And the "what's new" button? Help?
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    Sorry! Nevermind. I found it
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    As long as we're at it, can I get rid of the f,g+, twitter doohickies that obliterate what I'm trying to see on the right of the page?
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    Quote from caliotter3
    If you are interested in feedback: I do not find this new setup easy to use at all. The pages are cluttered and hard to navigate, features that I used regularly, such as the "new topics" feature don't seem to be there. I can't stand seeing the ads all over the place. Also, that sick yellow banner at the top, (it never seems to go very far away) is very offputting and makes me think the site is back in 1997. I'm sorry, but have to vote this as the worst iteration in all the years I have been following the site, including the years I lurked before joining.
    I went to 'like' this post, but the like-button wasn't where it used to be.
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    Is there a quick way to get to the subscription page? (That little green ribbon button is gone)
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    The little green ribbon is now a little gray ribbon under your name/avatar on the upper right of the page.
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    Thanks for adding the 24 hr link under my avatar on the R! Now I can navigate.
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    Thanks, Emergent! Now I know how to find the new posts button. I absolutely loathed, hated, detested, abominated, an abhorred the new site when I first signed on earlier today, but now I'm slowly adjusting to it. I realize just how much work goes into totally redesigning two sites (allnurses and the breakroom) but change and improvements, almost always require an adjustment period. I remember how much I disliked the last upgrade, but eventually I adjusted and liked it very much and such will be the case with this upgrade.

    I've had some questions answered just by reading this thread. Thank you, Joe and all your tekkie elves.
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    I love what you guys do with this site, but this feels like the last update. Terrible and way less easy to navigate.
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    If you are open to feedback I would like to respectfully say that I was unpleasantly surprised to find words on my page that I had not written myself:

    "Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Feb 18, '12 - from 'US'. I enjoy learning new facts on a daily basis. Feel free to comment on any of my topics if something piques your interest."

    If it is possible to remove this introduction I would appreciate knowing how to do this.

    Also, I didn't like the changing graphic that appeared to the right of my page. In my opinion it gives the impression that I personally chose the particular graphic and chose to place it on my page, which I didn't.
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