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    I have a question that I am trying to find the answers.... I have been working for a company for 3 years. Last year I had to take a leave of absent for acdf surgery on my c5 through c7. Was out of work for 2 months and returned backed to work.. Still in pain I still went to work everyday... I called in once due to pain with a doctors note. That was at the beginning. After 6 months I and still in pain I woke up with both my legs numb and I couldn't move so I called in telling my supervisor lead I was going to the hospital. Later that day she called me and told me I was suspended for calling in... I don't have a attendance problem I missed maybe 4 days in 3 years with doctors notes. I have not gotten a verbal or written warning for anything .... Is this legal? Can they just suspend me til I get 100% better. I had a mri and I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and I am looking at another surgery. Can someone shed some light on me please.
    unsure whats going on

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    This is something we can not offer advice on as per the Terms of Service of the site. Suggest talking to HR

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