I would find it so useful if the poster's state were visible as part of their id

  1. 2 I am at a point in my career where the questions I have seem to be all specific to the state of California.

    Since I have only ever lived & practiced here, I don't know if nurses in other states have the same problem, so maybe this suggestion would not be helpful to the majority of members.

    I do know that most of the posts I find valuable, always include, "of course, in your state it may be different".

    My ideal situation, would be for every nurse to be identified, along with user name, with "state of practice".

    (so I guess my name should be, "Merced CA".
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    Posters wish to remain anonymous so put as little info out there as possible and it is their own personal choice to put their state.

    There is a California thread for nurses on allnurses.com though. You could try to post there.

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