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I have a question about ads on the site - page 2

Beginning last evening political ads began appearing on the site. Are such ads allowed? I am wondering about them. They are specific to my state, Florida. GrannyRN65... Read More

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    Quote from SlightlyMental_RN
    I hear you, but....I'm soooooo sick of political ads! It would just be really, really nice to be able to escape them. I live a hotly-contested state/district, and I get between 5-10 robo calls a day, about 4-6 cardboard flyers in the mail, 98% of ads on TV, and billboards all over the freakin' place. AAARrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Ah the Empire State
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    Quote from SonorityGenius
    Chill out people lol. Allnurses is a free, massive forum site requiring immense server resources.. to be free, it needs advertisers; one way is the Google Ads program which automatically "caters" to your specific IP address and delivers an ad.. and gives allnurses.com a cut per click/view.. and guess what, allnurses may never even know which ads are on here!
    Who's complaining about ads on allnurses? I think we were complaining about the content of some of them, as well as the negativity of political campaign advertising/calling/annoying they do as it gets closer to Election Day.

    I'm happy to pay my $30.00 per year for a premium membership as well. I support allnurses, and I have unlimited time to correct the little typos I manage to include in every post or delete/edit things that are retrospectively too harsh or dumb. It's great!

    Honestly, the most disturbing ads I'm seeing recently on my page are ads for Beauty Schools and Culinary Schools. Haven't yet seen Aircraft Mechanic or Dive Team Investigator but they were never there before and it seems sort of a vulture-ish commentary on the plight of the unemployed new grads. They have every right to place those ads, and I have every right to my opinion about them.
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    I had an ad today here on AN that was touting the candidate for US Senate that I DID NOT, and WOULD NEVER, vote for. I wonder if I'll see one for the opponent, the one I DID vote for.
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    Use the Firefox browser with the Adblock addon and you wont see any ads anywhere.
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    So far, I have seen one ad that is conservative in nature. That tells me a couple of things: Google is more liberal than conservative and the liberals are spending more money on ads. I am shocked! Shocked!
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    Conservative ads were showing up heavily on my computer due to google ad marketing over past 2 weeks...and they won!! Expect to see this more in the future as a way of being environmentally green--- scant material at polling place and less signs in my area despite heavily contested race.

    Back to nursing school ads and med promos. If you do find an objectionable ad, please post in Help desk so we can review + request removal if warranted.
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    Google display ads based on some of the following when displaying ads:

    - your search history (eg. if you've been searching for a vacation trip to Hawaii it will show Hawaii related ads)
    - your location (city, state, country, etc)
    - site/page subject
    - highest bidder
    - etc

    Of course, ads are only shown from those who publish ads on the Google network.

    For the most part, ads that are displayed to you may not be seen by another.
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