i don't know where to post my suggestions

  1. 0 hi i like allnurses.com it would be awesome if it were more organized though...there's too much forums with the same topics and i don't know where to post my suggestions...hmmm...thanks...
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    At the bottom of the page under the section New to Site, you can click on the first entry: General Site Map. When you get to the general site map, you will find a commments and suggestions link under Information Center toward the top of the page. Whenever you are looking for a place to post, the general site map is a good place to scan the different forums. HTH And welcome to the site.
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    All depends on what the question is to where it is best suited.
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    Have really enjoyed this site but was wondering how to keep up with repleys to my questions if on different forums, do i have to go back to each?
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    As far as I am aware when you reply or post to a thread you automatically subscribe so if you go to myaccount and select subscribed threads it will bring up all threads you have posted in. If you have finished with the threads in the future you can clear them from subscription
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    moseshopper wrote:
    have really enjoyed this site but was wondering how to keep up with repleys to my questions if on different forums, do i have to go back to each?

    one way to do this is as follows:
    when logged into allnurses you should see a gold bar with [welcome, moseshopper] and [my account]. if you click on my account you get a dropdown menu. there click on [edit options]. here you will see many options described. one of them is:
    default thread subscription modewhen you post a new thread, or reply to a topic, you can choose to automatically add that thread to your list of subscribed threads, with the option to receive email notification of new replies to that thread.default thread subscription mode: do not subscribe no email notification instant email notification daily email notification weekly email notification
    if you choose this option then you can check your personal email and you should receive a notice when you have a response to one of your posts. the email will have a link for you to click on that will take you straight to the post on allnurses.com.
    hope that helps.

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