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    For some reason...I seem to have lost the ability to create a new paragraph on here. I hit enter twice, as I always have, to try to do so...but when I either preview the post or just submit it...all the words run together in a single paragraph. Example: This sentence is supposed to be a separate paragraph. Also...I just noticed that my ability to use smilies has also suddenly stopped working. The cursor won't change to a hand so that I can click on them (even when my cursor is active in the text entering box). Can anyone troubleshoot?
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    Try clearing your cache/cookies. Close all browser windows except one to do this. Log out and back in and see if this resolves the issue.

    How to clear your browsers cache - Family, Health, and Entertainment

    How do I clear cookies? - Family, Health, and Entertainment
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    As you can see...

    I'm happy to report back that your suggestion did the trick...

    And now I know where to look first when I have technical difficulties in the future...
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    Excellent!!!! Glad to help.