How to start a new thread?

  1. 0 I just signed up on this site. Can anyone tell me how to start a thread post?
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    You click account and my topics ,so you can start to write
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    This still isn't allowing me to post. Also the instructions given aren't allowing me the options either. I can see My Topics and My Posts but no place is available after I choose this option.
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    You cannot start a new topic from your profile. Did you look at the link I posted above ?

    Go to the forum you wish to post in. Under the forum description there is a blue button 'start a topic'. Click on it. Choose new topic. Follow the on screen instructions.

    If you go to the link I posted above our IT guy even includes pictures /screen shots.
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    FYI clicking on my topics or my posts only lists your previous posts or threads you submitted
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    Go to the forum where you want to post a thread and then click on the blue button that says Start a topic. Similar way to how you started your thread in this forum

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