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I've been asked how to start a Blog and whether it is for premium members only. I think Articles have replaced blogs but want to give accurate information. About Blogs: AboutArticles: About memberships:... Read More

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    Thanks Tnbutterfly,
    so the "blog" is now called an "article", then?

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    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    Thanks Tnbutterfly,
    so the "blog" is now called an "article", then?
    Yes. The articles you write will be listed under your blog tab on your profile page.

    You can name your article collection (your blog) if you want to . I have named mine "Body, Mind, and Soul."

    All of this started out as staff "blogs", written by staff only, about certain topics. But then Brian decided to open it up to all members and changed the format to "articles" which could be written about any topic. And then the article contests evolved to try to encourage members to write. As a result, we have uncovered some very talented writers and we have quality material to share with the members. We love hearing real stories from real nurses. Because after all.........NURSES ROCK!!!!!
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    This is great, so happy I found this site.
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