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How to start my own post?

  1. 0 can someone please tell me how to start my own post
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    Hello and welcome to

    Good to have you with us.

    Since you are new to the site, you will benefit from these How-To Video Tutorials

    Also, here is an informational thread about how to start your own thread: How To Start a new thread

    Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions, as this will also help you as you navigate the site.

    We hope you enjoy
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    I want to ask question how do that so others can see and offer me responses
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    Hello monique82

    Welcome to

    Please review the links I provided in the previous post about how to post new threads, ask questions, and navigate the site.
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    how can i start a new post? i think it's still not clear for me..
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    Please review the links above.