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    Here is just a quick tutorial on how to post a new thread, hope you find it helpful. It is a very easy process, this is a very detailed step by step process for those of you who are new at using forums.

    First, before starting a new thread, we ask that you use the search feature to see if someone else has already discussed your topic, if so, read and/or reply to that topic instead of creating duplicate content.

    Topic is outdated - Read the latest @ How To Start A Great Topic

    Then, after searching, you decide you would still like to post a new thread follow the following steps:

    To start a new thread, browse to the most appropriate forum for your topic, you can use the Site Map link for all forums, or use the tabbed categories of forums are in the following tabs:

    • Forums Tab - has all general nursing forums, Nursing News, Nursing Activism, Medication Discussion, First Year in Nursing, Nursing Humor and many more.
    • Articles -Articles submitted by users like you, who share their nursing knowledge and stories for other members to learn and enjoy.
    • Specialty Tab - Nursing Specialty Forums, Advanced Practice, Critical Care, and all other specialty forums.
    • Local Tab - All 50 US States and several International Forums
    • Students Tab - Several Student related forums, NCLEX

    Once you've found your desired forum, for example, go into the General Nursing Forums,

    Tip: All images in this tutorial can be clicked for a more legible image if needed.

    Then to start a New Thread, click the New Thread icon:

    Then in the Post New Thread Window, choose a prefix if you wish, to help define your thread topic:
    1. optional - choose a prefix
    2. Type a detailed title (please make the title relevant to your post to make it easy for other readers to know what your post is about and for the best chances at good responses to your thread.
    3. Type the content of your post, question, ideas, comments etc...
      • Smilies are optional too. If you want to enter some smilies, just click them and they will appear in your post.
      • Post Icons are optional too, they show up next to the title of your post in the main thread listings

    4. When your post is ready to submit, click on Submit New Thread Button, or Preview Post to see what your post looks like (you can always edit your post if needed) See image below:

    That's it! That's all there is to creating a new thread (discussion topic)!

    I hope you found this helpful, please feel free to post your feedback.
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    thanks a lot brian! it helped me a lot! ;-)
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    Thank you for that one.
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    Thanks so much
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    Thanks, so far I am understanding
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    I'm not at all good with computers. This ia all new to me and getting around on this website is difficult for me. But hey, Thank you Brian this was very helpful.
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    Great! Thanks!
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    Thank You Brian
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    glad you all have found this helpful! thanks for your feedback.

    i just wanted to let you all know, i updated the first post with some more descriptions and images. hope it helps even more!

    i would strongly suggest all members watch our video tutorials

    especially: introduction to recommended for all users this video covers most frequently asked questions and will optimize your time on general navigation, using the search feature, and much more.
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    thanks a lot!

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