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How do you send a private message to members?

  1. 0 Do you have to add them to friend list and do they have to add you to their friend list for you to be able to send them PMs?
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    I believe you have to have so many posts before you can PM members.
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    You have to have 15 posts before you can PM anyone.Just click one the members name and it will take you to their profile and there is a "send PM" option.
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    Ah, so that was it. The PM button wasn't there at first so I was wondering.
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    OR you could upgrade your membership which will also give you other privileges should be there have 19 posts.
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    Thank this helped! I was wondering why I couldn't find the send private message button
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    Members are required to have a minimum of 15 quality topics in order to use our Private Messaging (PM) System... Does this mean 15 comments or creating 15 different topic threads?
    Please help
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    Thread moved to FAQ. Fifteen posts OR thread but not nonsense posts such as "congrats" or "me too"
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    I have now made 15 replies to other threads and my own as well and I still do not have PM access which could come in handy with a few things. Do I need to make 15 new topics? Or is there a period of time this takes affect after you have done the 15 required post?
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    You need to give the system time to catch up on you having made 15 posts. You should be OK now to send pms
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    how can you tell how many posts you have already posted?
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    Does it mean that if I have sent 15 posts then I will get pm?
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    You are correct: after you have posted 15th quality post, will then be able to create private messages to our members.

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