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I feel really silly asking this, because I have posted a question before, but now I just can't seem to figure out how to do it. lol... Read More

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    How do I post a question so I can get responses?
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    Check out: How To Start A Great Topic
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    Hi Jarv,
    The blood pressure can be affected by issues such as cardiovascular and kidney disease, both physical (illness) and psychological stress, obesity, dietary ( high sodium foods), caffeine products, and medications.
    Hope that helps!
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    I would like to prepare to return back to work as a nurse in the hospital setting . The last time I worked in the hospital was in 2008 in the cardio thoracic unit. Since that time I have worked as a diabetes educator in out patient clinics. I feel like I might have knowledge deficits in many in patient hospital areas. I would appreciate ANY suggestions on how I can begin to tackle this transition process. Thanks!
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    These comments are of no help at all! I too had difficulty figuring it out...even the link Maddybel refers to is of little use. Here's what I found:

    Go down to bottom where page numbers are; Hit the >> (last page) button. On the last page, you should find your "start topic" button. Hope this helps!