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How can I post a new discussion?

  1. 0 I don't understand how to post a new discussion/thread...
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    You posted this one just fine! Anyway, first you'll need to t pick the appropriate Forum to get maximum feedback on your topic. There is a list of them here on the Site Map. It's got lots of sub-categories. Once you are on the first page of your selected Forum, locate this button on the right side:

    When the drop-down menu shows pick your chosen post type, "New Topic" as shown:

    Click on that and a page will open where you'll see a bulleted list with guidelines and the section for a description and the text of your post. Hope that helps!
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    Has anyone taken the hesi a2 entrance exam recently? I used the prep manual but when I took he practice I felt surprised that I had to convert oz to mL and a couple other things. They weren't in the prep chapter. I'm wondering how much of that is on the actual test?