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How Can I Change My Username?

  1. 3 We allow everyone to change their username.

    To prevent abuse of the system, we place limits on how many times you can make a username change.

    These limits are based on membership:

    • Registered Members - once every 365 days
    • Premium Members - once every 180 days
    • Platinum Members - once every 30 days
    • AN Guide - once every 30 days

    Compare Membership

    Follow these steps to change your username.

    Step 1

    Visit MyAccount / User Control Panel

    Step 2 - User Control Panel

    Click Edit Login Info

    Step 3 - Edit Email & Password

    To complete your reqest, enter your password, your new username, and confirm your new username in the provided fields.


    1. Your old username may be available for registration.
    2. Once you submit your request, this option will disappear until limit expires.
    3. Credentials such as "nurse, doctor, Dr, RN, LPN, EMT, etc" are not allowed in Usermame unless licensed or certified as such.

    Upon submission the above edit option will be replaced with...

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