How to access "What's New" now

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    I used to use "What's New" every time I came to the site. Is there a way to get there now? A way to do it quickly?

    Thank you!
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    On the main homepage it defaults to Articles, but there is an option bar where you can click "FAQ's" or "all." Try "all."
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    Thank you. Actually, as soon as I posted I saw that there is a "What's New" tab just next to the "How to Use" tab, above Articles, FAQ, and All. I wanted to delete my question but I couldn't find it again. *blush*
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    I too noticed that the "What's New" button was back this morning and I was delighted!
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    Is there a easier way to get to it.. I find after going into a question, I have to click on the allnurses logo at the top of the page to get to the "what's new" tab.. I can't get to it any other way. If I go to my bookmark, some thing, I have to click the allnurses logo to get the "what's new" tab..Am I missing something??

    Please put the "what's new" tab back with the favorites and bookmarks, so much easier to move between !!
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    For Mark Read, What's New, and Get Daily please read...
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    Thank you, Joe.

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