hmmm...i did not know where to post this

  1. 0 so i just picked the forum with the most viewers. it seems there are a lot of ob/gyn nurses out there. if anyone knows the answer or can direct me that would be great.

    i am wondering why there is not a separate forum for pharmaceutical sales/ nursing.

    i know it is not real nursing and probably frowned upon by most, but it is an area where nurses work so naturally i want to know more about it such as salary, how one gets involved, what exactly do they do and why go into it. it doesn't seem like something i would want to ever do, but definitely something i would like to learn about...

    well, thanks for reading and sorry to post here...
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    We don't have a forum for every speciality as that would be an endless list but we do try and have forums for areas that do have high traffic. I will be honest and say I haven't seen much traffic regarding Pharm sales.

    I will bring this to staff attention and discussion

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