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Help with posting a question

  1. 0 im new to this site and its not letting me post my question...keeps saying i need to select a thread prefix??? does anyone else have this problem?? how can i fix it there doesnt seem to be any description of what a thread prefix is and how i can select one. Thanks
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    I am having trouble posting a new thread in this new lay out....sorry to bother you...but can you please give me step by step directions in how to post a new thread...please? In the old lay out there was a button that read submit thread....and I don't understand now...I wish allnurses had a help desk phone number...grrrrr frustrated!
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    We do have a "help desk number". Anyone needing to privately discuss site issues can post in the admin help desk.

    To start a thread, go to the forum you want to create a new thread, like the General Nursing forum (to find this forum, click on the "Nurses" tab above and scroll to General Nursing Discussion).

    Then, you will see this on the right:

    When you click on the dropdown menu, "New Topic", this will open:

    Complete as directed and scroll to click, "Save Topic", which will automatically post on the public boards.
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