Help: Not getting emails

  1. 0 many users report that they do are not getting their email notifications from the discussion forum or our newsletter.

    today, many email providers are blocking the email that you want in an effort to cut down on spam.

    [color=#333333]don't let your email from end up lost in cyberspace. to ensure that you receive your mailings, please configure your spam filters to allow any messages with a 'from' address that ends in "" or at least add the following email address to your approved sender list in your email program.

    please put these email addresses on your white list:

    aol users
    to ensure you receive this newsletter, please add
    to your address book. if you don't receive a email at all, check your spam or bulk email folder to make sure they are not accidentally delivered there.

    by not adding these email addresses to your white list, your registration confirmation, email notifications, newsletters may not get to you!

    unfortunately, we do not have any control of what happens to an email after we send it. if you continue having problems not getting your email. please contact your email provider for additional support.

    since there are hundreds of email providers out there, and they all have different ways on how they block email, we cannot provide instructions on how to do this.

    if you would like to share instructions on how to allow email from your provider, please reply that would wonderful! thanks
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    Here are links to popular ISPs (Internet Service Providers) pages for setting up your spam filters:

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