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    I was just wondering if there's anyway that I could view the new replies to my posts easier? I don't want to go through all the old replies and search for the latest replies to my threads/posts. Would upgrading my membership help me with this? Thanks!
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    try going to MY account and My Post. hope this helps
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    I have noticed that when I go back to a thread, it automatically goes to the next post from where I left off before. Try posting this question in the help desk or questions forum for a mod to help you with.
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    thank you for all your help =)
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    Hope you've got it figured out.
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    Moved to the comment and suggestions forum

    I don't think there is any way to go to the post of your last visit, but will check this out with our tech guy. What I do is go to last post and then scroll back from there and usually that works well because you can tell which posts are new as there is a yellow box next to the date and time of the post which once read is blue
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    Search for the Go To First New Post icon ...
    by clicking on the icon you will be directed to the first newest or first UNREAD post

    For example:
    if a title has 122 comments and you read 120 of those comments - clicking on the icon will take you to post #121

    NOTE: Icon/link will only display if new/UNREAD content exists.

    You can find the icon in the thread listing page.
    The icon will display next to anything that is new since your last visit.

    The icon is also available when viewing the contents of a title/thread.
    Click it and it will take you to the first UNREAD comment.

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