Heads up for non-nurses?

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  2. 1 Every so often we get a suggestion that we only allow licensed nurses to post on allnurses. I've always resisted that idea because I like interacting with students and other from all walks of life.

    Now (as I can sense already people composing their flamage) I do get baited into arguments for which I take total responsibility, but I do not fire off a grenade to someone I've never encountered here before.

    Lately however, and maybe this is due to the horrible job market - I am really not sure but the amount of venom being directed at us "seasoned" (hurl I hate that word) is way out of hand especially when you consider there are really not that many of us. The amount of age-ism and disrespect here lately is unlike anything I've seen, and since the adage is always that the "young are eaten" there is a tolerance for things here that are inappropriate when the young eat the old. Not to put a too fine point on it - but how long would a thread last that said "clueless airhead new nurses need to go back to school".

    As far as I'm concerned there is no difference between a "second-career pre-nursing student" trashing us than any other member of the public.

    I know we will never have a "licensed only corner" but I have a screenshot of a banner on the cop forum that is simple straightforward and not discouraging of input at all and I wonder what others might think of putting something like that
    above the threads.
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    I think this is a good point and I think there is an appropriate time and place for non nurses to be able to speak their mind. We can learn from others! Maybe they could have a tab or page just for non nurses to share. I'm sure patients would love to be able to share the good the bad and the ugly of what they have experienced, too. Could be interesting.
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