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Google (and other ads) on Allnurses

  1. 0 Does anyone know how to change privacy settings on Allnurses? I have seen my Facebook friends names pop up on the sidebar along with ads and I don't want to allow any transfer of information or sharing. I tried to find under "help" and posted a message, but haven't found any answer or mention of privacy and security, and I have searched and searched.

    Thanks so much.
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    I do see that many (or most) ads are by Google and I have changed my privacy and security settings through Google, but how would Facebook and my information be on here....? hmmmm.
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    Probably cookies.
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    do you know how to disable cookies on this website? I have them changed on my computer under tools.... I still see it there....
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    Let me ask Joe to come and explain things.
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    Didn't you know whatever you post on Allnurses ends up on Google. I questioned Allnurses about this because i thought this was a private form( kinda like a yahoo group) i was informed by a Allnurses admin its wide open to the public that's how other nurses find them. So kinda makes sense for Google ads to be popping up. These are my thoughts use them as you wish
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    thanks, Karma and Trauma -

    Karma - of course I understand the need to advertise for a website, but I don't want any information sharing from Facebook onto Allnurses. I opted-out of Google third party ads, but can't see how Facebook friends are on my sidebar - unless I sign out of Facebook. I had changed all Facebook privacy features that I can, but can't figure out why it's showing up on Allnurses - one has my name, one doesn't - see the problem??

    Is Facebook now owned by Google...??

    My head hurts.
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    Thanks, Karen. I had read that, which is more profile on Allnurses privacy.

    there was another area where I read about information sharing and third party cookies on Allnurses.... it didn't say how Facebook (or social networking sites) falls into this sharing, third party category. I changed Google and Facebook options, but if I'm signed on and I see FB friends on my sidebar, there must be personal information sharing going on.... the privacy policy didn't really answer that. It answers about opting out, which applies to Google ads....

    Anyway... it's exhausting.

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    See Joe's response in our previous thread: I have a question about ads on the site

    Google display ads based on some of the following when displaying ads:

    - your search history (eg. if you've been searching for a vacation trip to Hawaii it will show Hawaii related ads)
    - your location (city, state, country, etc)
    - site/page subject
    - highest bidder
    - etc

    Of course, ads are only shown from those who publish ads on the Google network.

    For the most part, ads that are displayed to you may not be seen by another.
    I am unaware of any Google + Facebook sharing that would pull to allnurses....will have Joe address.

    To change privacy settings:

    Next to your user name, click MyAccount
    Go to: Your Space
    Click Profile Privacy to change who can view your info.

    Go to Edit Options to change email, PM; invisibility and subscription options.
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    The information you see is provided by FB. We don't have any control of this information.
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    that's interesting. I did change all settings....still there. I just worry about privacy...... I guess I should always sign out of Facebook before coming onto Allnurses. No one should be clicking "like" anyway after reading about how it shares that to people....

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