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    Giving Kudos is an expression of approval or admiration.

    Why Should You Use It?

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    Can I see who sent me kudos?
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    kudos (Expression of approval or admiration.)
    Total Kudos: 0
    9 Kudos Received in 5 Posts
    Find all praised posts submitted by mykidzmom
    Find all posts praised by mykidzmom
    that is what i have in my "stats" section. do i have 9 or 0? how do i know which posts got kudos and who kudeed me? and how to i kudo someone else?
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    you can look in statistics on your page. to find out which of your posts received kudos by other members, click on find all praised posts submitted by (your name).

    to see which posts you gave kudos to, click on find all posts praised by (your name)

    to give someone kudos, click the blue thanks button at the bottom of the post.
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