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Getting Started on - page 7

Hello everyone, Here is a new video walkthrough on the newly redesigned Updated Video 3-17-09... Read More

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    Thanks for the video. It is easily understood and pointed out the many features of the site. Thanks.
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    "I CAN POST!!!!!" Thank you! Short and informitive.Just he way I like it!
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    Very Helpful!
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    I really enjoyed the intro video and since I have never done this before found it helpful. I will probaly use it many time since it was filled with so much information and you have somny great choices here on allnurse .com I will need refreser courses.
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    Hi Brian,

    I found your video enormously helpful. I have been a member of for a while now, but being somewhat technologically challenged, I had not even figured out how to post yet! I also totally missed the bulk of what is offered here. Having the video walk me through the various headings and features has made this site (and others thanks) accessible to me at last, and I feel as if I've discovered I own a Ferrari, when all along I've been bumping along on a bicycle

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    Hi Brian

    Found the video good thanks. I didn't realise there was extra stuff below so will have to take a longer look around. It helped.
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    Quote from brian
    hello everyone,

    i just created a video demo to help members understand how to navigate through the forums and some basic steps such as:
    • how to use the navigation menus
    • how to search the website
    • how to post a new thread
    • how to reply to an existing thread
    • the user control panel (user cp)
    • quicklinks menu
    • and more
    video is approx. 10 minutes long. may take awhile on dialup. requires flash plugin (most browsers already have this) if you don't visit: download flash player

    click here to watch the getting started on video

    [banana]please reply and leave feedback after watching the video. thanks and enjoy![/banana]
    hey brian. that video was thoroughly informative. genius way to guide new members like me.......thanks.
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    Very helpful! Thanks, Brian!
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    Thanks a bunch.

    The video was wonderful. It really helped.

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    Hi Brian,

    Excellent. You saved my day. Thanks a million.
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    very helpful...excellent!!!
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    wow!! this is really great!!
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    very informative.not too sure about the sound quality,but good.