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Hello everyone, Here is a new video walkthrough on the newly redesigned Updated Video 3-17-09... Read More

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    This will be very helpful. I found several options I had never tried. Thanks Brian.
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    Hey Brian:
    Thank you for the tour...Some of the avaliabe options I have used and was familiar with however there was a lot that you pointed out that I was not aware of and I am excited to go browse and learn more.
    Thank you!
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    Brian, thank you very much for making this video and allowing all newies to view it. It has really shown me what I can do... and what I can't. I found the video very informative, Ta.
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    Thanks Brian!
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    great job, very informative... thanks
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    very informative, thanks
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    That was a great introduction to the site and is very helpful. Thanks!
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    Thanks for taking the time to make this video, Brian! I now know that there is a lot more to the site than the huge amount I am already utilizing/reading. Thanks again!
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    Very helpful video. I look forward to taking advantage of the forum as I enter the world of student nursing.

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    Hello Brian,
    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the video demo. It was helpful in showing me how to navigate throughout the site. There are so many items to view in this one site, it really helped me to narrow down my choices.

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    Very helpful. Thanks. Naomi.
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    Very helpful thankyou so much. I dont understand a lot of time ,you explained very well. See you can teach an old "Dog" anew trick. Thanks again.
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    Video very helpful..........I did learn afew new things that I will take advantage of right away..Thanks:spin:

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