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Hello everyone, Here is a new video walkthrough on the newly redesigned Updated Video 3-17-09... Read More

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    Thanks----a great help to new users like me.

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    Great video for us not so techo nurses.
    Keep up the good work.
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    It is a very helpul tool to get the most of this forum.[/FONT][/B]
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    thank you brian,
    it was helpful and very informative.

    Quote from brian
    hello everyone,

    i just created a video demo to help members understand how to navigate through the forums and some basic steps such as:
    • how to use the navigation menus
    • how to search the website
    • how to post a new thread
    • how to reply to an existing thread
    • the user control panel (user cp)
    • quicklinks menu
    • and more
    video is approx. 10 minutes long. may take awhile on dialup. requires flash plugin (most browsers already have this) if you don't visit: download flash player

    click here to watch the getting started on video

    [banana]please reply and leave feedback after watching the video. thanks and enjoy![/banana]
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    Great job Brian! It's a big help. Thanks a lot.
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    This is an awesome tool! The future of Modern Nursing is being ushered in by! Thank you, Brian Short!
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    Very helpful web demo for those new members who may not be as tech savvy. I am finding this site as a great resource so far
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    Thanks for that it was helpful
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    thnx brian--video was helpful---appreciate your time and effort into this--it will definitely help me to navigate a lil better in this forum---thnx again--jakh
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    Thanks, Brian. It was very helpful to the new user like me.

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