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Hello everyone, Here is a new video walkthrough on the newly redesigned Updated Video 3-17-09... Read More

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    Nice video, especially for those who are less computer savvy.
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    Thank you Brian. That was very informative and helpful.:spin:

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    The informational video you have created to navigate this website is very valuable. In prior visits to the website I've had trouble accessing information and posting. This video quickly and easily answered many questions as well as walked me through the site. Thanks for your time and effort in creating this video and the allnurses site!
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    its helpful. thanks
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    Great informative video.
    Quote from 50Cal
    Yeah, the video definitely had the 411. Well thought out Brian.
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    Not a new member, but video was very informative. I think it will help the newbies. Great Job!
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    very helpful for those of us born way before all the technology!
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    Very informative. Well done. Will look forward to visiting and browsing.
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    Thank you...i don't feel quite as lost as i thought i was gonna be.
    I didn't realize that folks from Minnisota have a wee bit of a drawl when you speak...
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    Very Informative --- Excellent tool!!!

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