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Hello everyone, Here is a new video walkthrough on the newly redesigned Updated Video 3-17-09... Read More

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    That was sooooo cool! How'd you do that? And thanks for all the great tips!


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    Wow, that was very informative... truely a must for starters like myself. Thanks!
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    Thanks! It was a great review.
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    Very helpful, Thank you
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    really great tool to teach us newbies. heres the question, it seems that if im logged on, i cannot view replies to my original post. it seems that i have to log out and view them. am i doing something wrong? please let me know. thanks!
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    Excellent Job! It was to the point and easy to follow. This makes it easier to figure out navigation in the site. Thanks
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    there is a lot going on on this site - i was a little tired trying to figure it out - the video was very helpful!
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    Thanks for helping me get familiar with your site!
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    Very helpful, Thanks!
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    The video was very informative.

    Thank you...

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